Voting Open for Traxxas Nitro Shootout: Tasca Announces Celebrity Endorsements in ‘It’s Not a Race Without a Shelby’ Campaign

DEARBORN, Mich. – Tasca Racing revealed Wednesday the first of many celebrity endorsements for driver Bob Tasca III’s “It’s Not a Race Without a Shelby” get-out-the-vote campaign.

Tasca, a fifth-year driver of the Motorcraft/Quick Lane Funny Car, is prepared to shake any hand he can find to win the hearts and votes of NHRA Full Throttle Series fans around the United States.

“This NHRA Traxxas Nitro Shootout is really important to me,” said Tasca, who stopped for an interview along the campaign trail in Indiana. “I can tell you one thing, this Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Shelby Mustang Funny Car team loves to race. We can’t get enough of it. It’s good to see so many celebrities come out to support us. You can’t imagine how surprised I was when NHRA  Founder Wally Parks was the first to join in!”

Join the Movement Now on NHRA’s Facebook page:

“Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your pets. We can use all the votes we can get,” Tasca said.

The NHRA Traxxas Nitro Shootout is a race-within-a-race bonus event to be held during the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis next week.

Tasca is eligible to be the Wild Card entry. The more fan votes he receives, the better chance he has to get into the bonus event.

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