My Christmas Wish List: By Bob Tasca III

This month, I’ve been hearing a lot about nine ladies dancing, 12 lords a’ leapin and a partridge in a pear tree – but honestly, who wants any of that?

My wish list this Christmas is a little bit different. There are the usual things…a new career best and lots of Wallys to haul around in my new Mack Trucks. If I could ask for anything, though, (and I can, because this is my column), here’s what would be on my list.

It’s a long song, so I’m starting with five. Humming along to yourself makes it more fun – especially in front of the coworkers:

Five Motorcraft Sparkplugs: Five cases, that is… do you see how many I need for my Funny Car?

Four Motorcraft brake pads: Nothing like a complete Motorcraft Brake Job to keep it safe.  Maybe I’ll pick up four Quick Lane tires as well.

Three Oil Filters: So I only really need one, but I love looking at the Red Motorcraft Box.

Two Motorcraft wipers: It snows a lot in the northeast, so high-quality wipers are important. I like to check mine before the cold weather gets too bad. Luckily the Motorcraft Wipers have a wear indicator that makes them easy to check.

One Batt-er-y! To keep your heater running, you need a dependable battery.  The Motorcraft Tested Tough Series really does the trick.

When Santa comes to Rhode Island, I hope that’s what he’s hauling in his Mack truck (I like to think Santa drives one of those too).

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.

New Auto