Visit to Coca-Cola HeadQuarters

On the Wednesday before the Atlanta race, I was invited to tour the Coca-Cola World Headquarters. Brian Kelley, who oversees the division of Full Throttle (series sponsor of the NHRA), and I started talking last December and we were able to arrange, not only for me to be there, but for the Motorcraft/Quick Lane Shelby Mustang as well. It was great to see Brian and his team and hundreds of people over at Coca-Cola.

I really enjoy talking to people about drag racing – and this visit to Coca-Cola was one of the most fun places to be. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to explain what we do and to showcase the great platform, and also what NHRA, and the Motorcraft and Quick Lane brands have to offer. It’s always amazing to see people’s reaction and disbelief when they hear how fast we go in such a short period of time.

A lot of people were amazed that the Shelby Mustang we brought was the actual race car and not a show car. We took pictures, signed autographs, and were able to invite a lot of people out to the race track on Friday and Saturday where they were able to see all of us in action.

Brian came out with a lot of members from his team and it was fun for me to give back and show our appreciation of Full Throttle being our series sponsor, in addition to getting to interact with a lot of people from Coke. We look forward to working with Full Throttle in the future and meeting a lot more of Coca-Cola employees out here on the race track.

Tasca at Coca-Cola's World HeadQuarters

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